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Increasingly, it is becoming hard to work out why the Champions League is set up in this way. Television audiences are down mainly because of the switch from free-to-air broadcasters, but seven-goal walkovers and cagey 1-1 draws are not the way to win viewers back. Everyone billige fotballdrakter knows the competition properly gets going only after the turn of the year, and even moderately unexpected results in the early stages are normally evened out before the end because there are so many second chances.
Same old Arsenal, but Arsène Wenger's team in transition earn a useful point | Barney Ronay
What is entirely missing at this stage is any suggestion of cup excitement, any sort of frisson of danger, and this magliette calcio is because – the clue is in the title – at this stage Uefa's premier competition is not set up as a cup but as a league. It is not a very convincing league – the winners are usually easy to spot and, as opening night showed, there is every chance of an embarrassing mismatch – but the fotbollströjor European Cup must remain as a league despite all the annual pleas for it to return to a knockout competition because its purpose is to make money for the leading clubs around Eur

Bayern Munich smashed five goals past Rostov in the opening game of their Champions League campaign. Photograph: Adam Pretty/Bongarts/Getty Im

Since Uefa, at various points in history, has been terrified of the leading clubs getting together and forming a breakaway super league, funnelling all the big television money fodboldtrøjer børn into their own pockets and leaving the rest to survive on scraps, the Champions League was devised as a sop. The present competition is a super league by another name, something designed to have the same effect – of enriching the same clubs each season – without causing lasting damage to the domestic le